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Since 2003, Cruisingear has been in the business of providing the motorcyclist with the best products available to deliver comfort and safety while enjoying one of America's most favorite pastimes. As we are motorcycle enthusiasts ourselves we are constantly looking for ways to accessorize and improve the riding experience.

Since 2005, we have designed our own brand of Memory Foam Gel Pads. We feel they are the best on the market with a high quality construction enabling a lifetime warranty on the gel and memory foam.

We have the same commitment to providing an "easy-to-mount" kit that comes complete with all the necessary hardware to mount your expensive electronics on your bike. This allows you to sit back and enjoy your ride safely and with satisfaction. Being able to utilize your maps feature and enjoy some music. Additional features such as hands free cell phone calls and GPS allow you to keep in touch and not get lost.

We are best known in the industry for providing high quality customer service and realize that a happy and educated customer is our best form of advertisement. We will always welcome your phone call to 1-800-768-2922 to assist you in your choice of product.

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