X-Grip Holder for Standard or Metric Controls

Sales price: $79.99
Manufacturer: CruisinGear

This X-Grip handlebar mount utilizes a Black Switch Housing Mount or Black Control Housing Mount w/ 1” ball attached. Extended standard or metric stainless bolts w/spacers & lock washers will replace the two existing bolts that are in the control housing. A Black 2” arm which features a hand tightening knob, attaches to the diamond ball connected to the back of the GPS cradle with 2 screws and nylon stop nuts. This allows your GPS to articulate and be adjusted to the correct angle for best viewing. All parts except for the switch or control housing mount w/1” ball can be easily removed for safe storage.

 This holder can accommodate the following devices:

Iphones 3,4,5.5S with cases

Smaller Droids with cases

Samsung 4, and 5 with cases

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